Ginger. Does. Not. Like. Water

This is a story I tell my class (3yrs-6yrs). We tell stories together and after I tell a story about my dog they will share stories about their pets and adventures.

The story goes like this:



        On a warm, sunny, summer day a family sat on their porch eating breakfast. As they admired the beauty all around them and thought it would be a lovely day for a hike so they could explore beauty elsewhere.


The family worked together to fill backpacks with food and water, find hiking boots, and pack the car. The smallest family member was Ginger, a small golden dog with one ear that flipped and one that flopped. Her food, leash, and water dish were also packed for the hike.


Together, the family drove out of the city, along fields of ripening food, and through the golden hills of California to Cache Creek Regional Park. The car was parked and the family piled out, including Ginger. She enthusiastically explored the area around the parking lot and blended in perfectly with the knee-high golden grass that towered over her head. She took special interest in the pungent bathrooms at the trail head.


Backpacks were on, water bottles filled, bladders emptied, the family hit the trail. From the parking lot the trail went down to a creek. Ginger ran down to the creek, leaving a dust trail behind her. She excitedly balanced on a rock and drank from this wild water way, careful to stay dry… because… Ginger. Does. Not. Like. Water.


The family began to cross this wide stream. Some lept and balanced on rocks as they crossed. Some took off their hiking boots and walked through the chilly water, careful not to slip on the algae covered rocks under the water. Ginger sat on the shore, flinching any time someone splashed. Ginger. Does. Not. Like. Water.


People put their socks and boots back on, settled their backpacks, and searched for the continuation of the hiking trail. Ginger began running back and forth along the bank of the creek, looking for a dry path across, she was concerned. The family called to Ginger, but she would not get wet. The family tempted her with treats, but she refused to cross the stream. Finally the family began walking up the trail, away from Ginger. Ginger whined, she barked, she yelped. She did not like water, but she loved her family.


As the family got farther and farther away, Ginger steadied herself. She backed up, and ran full speed toward the water, she lept as far as she could and SPLASH. Ginger kicked her legs and swam across the creek to the side with her family. They cheered when she made it across, and giggled as Ginger shood every drop of water off her fur, from nose to tail. Ginger would do anything for her family… and now she knew it.


The rest of the hike was dry. Ginger was the color of dust and the small white triangle on the top of her head blended into the rest of her dusty coat. The family sang as they hiked, Ginger ran the trail at full speed and chased squirrels when she saw them. Together they shared beef jerky, trail mix, and sandwiches. It was a beautiful day for a hike.


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