About Us

We are two witty women moving through life one story at a time. After leading classes, workshops, and countless events together we have found the common thread. STORIES! Throughout the world, generations of people have been telling and collecting myths, legends and lore. We are passionate about this tradition and continue to be avid collectors of meaningful, thoughtful stories from around the world and our own backyards.

We are both teachers.  For our students, our collection of stories from history and our lives change the way they perceive the world.  Because of our belief in the transformative power of a good story, we started this blog to introduce the stories we write and collect to the larger world.  It is our hope that their messages can bring a touch more peace, justice and joy to the lives of our readers.  

This passion for stories has inspired us to write our first children’s book “The Princess and the Sunflowers” and we continue to transform our collection into books for the next generation.  We also put on workshops about storytelling and host storytelling events.